Hi, I'm cath.

A musician and massage therapist.

The story behind Thanh Mai

The story of Thanh Mai begins with a legend and ends with a philosophy. It stands for an ethos of renewal, rejuvenation and realization of potential. At Thanh Mai Healing Therapies, I create a space that facilitates true physical relaxation and emotional reinstatement, to leave you revitalised and rebalanced with a sense of harmony.

My parents named me Thanh Mai after the Mai flower, the centrepiece of an old Vietnamese tradition, which itself was named after the heroine Mai.  Mai was a talented warrior who fell in battle while protecting her father from a snake monster. The Jade Emperor was so moved by her courageous acts that he allowed her to return to life for 9 days every Tet, the Lunar New Year to visit her parents. After their deaths, she continued to return as a tree outside their home, covered in beautiful yellow blossoms. The villagers took branches with the wonderful blossoms to their homes to decorate them for the New Year and so began the tradition of the Mai flower.

Thanh Mai is literally translated as green apricot flower but is more commonly thought of as spring flower. This is when the Mai flower is green, just before it blossoms. It is fragile and delicate but also full of potential, beauty about to reveal itself, light and greatness.

Thanh Mai massage

Like the New Year, Thanh Mai is the moment of rebirth and rejuvenation, just before a life force blossoms into its full potential. It has always evoked a feeling of fresh renewal and it inspired me to name my business Thanh Mai Healing Therapies. It reflects perfectly the essence of life, a constant cycle of life renewal and improvement.

Thanh Mai is the realisation that whatever happens in your life, there will be time for a fresh renewal. The future is unwritten and our happiness, like the spring flower, lies waiting to be awakened to bring our life into perfect harmony. Thanh Mai will give you the support you need to blossom into greatness.


The philosophy of thanh mai


At Thanh Mai, the client is the centre of the experience, using fusion of music and deeply relaxing therapies to create the perfect holistic healing experience.

Your peace, tranquility and wellbeing are paramount and customised therapies will bring you into a place of harmony, you will bathe in an atmosphere of luxurious self-indulgence. Every moment is crafted to allow you to enter a space of absolute peace and tranquility.

Just as the Mai flower symbolises rebirth and growth, Thanh Mai brings you to a place that allows you to renew yourself, improve your wellbeing and find contentment.


To bring about powerful physical, mental and spiritual healing, I use my years of experience and passion to bring the Thanh Mai Healing therapies  to deliver experience, excellence and elegance.

I am very selective with the amount of private clients I take on as the quality of the experience is very important to me.

The time and energy I invest in each client is reflected in the overwhelming sense of wellbeing and vitality they feel after each session.

Revival and Renewal

There is always time for life renewal, no matter what your circumstances are.

There is always time for positive change and personal fulfillment, to allow yourself a taste of simple luxury and real contentment.

You have access to my professional original music, guided meditation,  and mindsets affirmations that will support you long after your treatments and every time you need it.

Thanh Mai represents awakening of your light after a period of darkness, a New Year, a new beginning, a new life.

Thanh Mai Massage


Thanh Mai Healing Therapies is the culmination of my vision to create a holistic healing space, using music, massage and healing therapies  to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Music and therapy have been part of my life from a very early age and have always evoked feelings of happiness for me. Some of my earliest memories are learning the violin and caring for my mother’s feet as a 5 year old. The two have always been interlinked and I grew up seeing the profound joy that could be brought into someone’s life from such simple things done extraordinarily well. 

I’ve always endeavoured to excel at healing therapies and it is a talent that has come naturally to me. I trained extensively, earning CIDESCO, CIBTAC and ITEC qualifications. My philosophy is one of lifelong learning and I constantly upskill to make sure I can provide the very best service to my clients. I have completed training with cosmetic brands, Environ, Is Clinical and Swiss Perfection to name just a few. I have applied that training to great effect in some of the best known 5 star hotels in the country. I have always striven to create innovative therapies and improve on existing ones by adding my personal expertise and touch so that my clients are left feeling revitalised and rebalanced with a sense of harmony. That effort has been reflected in the very high standards of customer satisfaction I achieved, including being voted Therapist of the Year at the prestigious Sanctuary Spa in London, as well as in my role as Senior Therapist at BULGARI SPA and Head Therapist at the Soho House/Sydell venture The Ned in 2017.


Seeing the positive effect my therapy had for my clients was what drove me to start my own business. My unique blend of therapy complemented with music has a profound effect on a clients’ happiness, as it addresses every facet of their wellbeing. Every client is a VIP to me and every session is given the time, energy and dedication to ensure the client has a life transforming experience.

Whether it’s at your home or other location, Thanh Mai Healing Therapies allows you to completely unplug from the world around you and focus solely on yourself, to bring both your physical and mental health into complete harmony. Even if you find it difficult to switch off, due to a stressful job or family situation, I will be able to bring peace to a troubled mind.

Thank you so much for visiting my website. I hope each and every visit brings peace and positivity to your day. Seeing my music and therapies change lives for the better makes it all worth while and drives me to work even harder to create sensory experiences that heal the mind and the body. If you would like to book a treatment, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the perfect treatment for you. 

I also have a YouTube channel that is accessible to everyone, featuring my own original  music, guided meditation and positive mindset that you can use to bring peace and happiness into your life. 

Music is both a passion and a vocation to me. I have played the violin and composed my own music for almost two decades. Whether you want to bring your mind  back into harmony or achieve a state of creative flow, my YouTube channel  can give you the support you need to unwind relax or refocused.