Sound Healing

Thanh MAi sound Massage

Sound Healing (or Sound Bath) is an immersive non touch ‘massage technique’ using sound as a medium to invite therapeutic or restorative effect. It’s a powerful experience for your whole body and mind.

It can help alleviate deep emotional pain and discomfort and is effective for a range of short term, long terms wellness concerns. This enables the body to make the shift necessary for healing and emotional release to take place on all levels.

Each Sessions is unique and is a highly individualized combination of energy work, intuitive insight and sound healing that will include Therapeutic tibetan bowls, Alchemy crystal bowls made of 99% pure quartz that offer when played energic transformation that will raise your vibrations and your energy filed.  They carry the healing energy of the quartz and all the specificity of infused elements.

Violin, voice, Tuning forks, chimes and other tones can also be added to your session customising to your current challenges or desires; an invitation to yourself to relax recharged and help the healing process.

The healing takes place during the combination of sound and silence are deep in the aura the chakras and the soul as well as within the body. Each session becomes a safe place of healing vibration a real sound bath for you to unfold lay downs your stress and recharge at your own space and time.

sound healing

Weekly sessions are long term plans are highly recommended for sustaining change.

Sound bath

Benefits of sound healing

  • Access deep states of relaxation
  • Relieve stress
  • Quiet the mind
  • Soothe and rebalance your nervous system
  • Release undesirable thought structures and habits
  • Manage depression and anxiety
  • Establish a deeper resonance with your self
  • Cultivate inner peace and calm
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Enhance your ability to listen and pay greater attention to details
  • Recover from insomnia and poor sleep
  • Enhance dreams and meditation practice
  • Re-tune – re align energy
  • Re-harmonised deep emotional trauma or imbalance on physical mental or emotional level.

(Introducing in 2019/2020)

THANH MAI sounD BATH healing session

The experience begins with each person lying down or seated in a comfortable position, often with a blanket and an eye mask. After a few minutes of guided focus on the breath, the remainder of the experience is filled with different sounds and frequencies being introduced in succession. The sounds are created by a variety of overtone-emitting instruments including tuning forks, gongs, shruti box, Himalayan and crystal singing bowls, chimes, and voice.  

This experience can be helpful for anyone who wants to access the benefits from meditation or a moment of relaxation.  A sound bath is an opportunity to explore what a meditative state is and how it feels.  For this reason, it can be beneficial for  both beginners of meditation and experienced meditators as well.  The goal of the experience is to invite deep rest and relaxation, and explore self-inquiry and self-discovery.  A Sound Bath experience is both uniquely personal and collaborative.  

Sound can bring balance, relaxation and a sense of wholeness to the body.  The sound of harmonic vibrations created by singing bowls, gongs and other overtone-emitting instruments are intended to stimulate the alpha and theta brain waves.  These waves are associated with deep meditative and peaceful states that are highly conducive to healing.  Sound can also slow down the heart and respiratory rate, creating a therapeutic effect on the mind and body. 

The session will be build softly and gently to include silence pauses to help you bridge your outer life with your inner life. And as you find yourselves observing silence you will slowly help you discover the deeper roots of yourselves. Your true self.

A beautiful opportunity to deeply create a strong bond with your friend, family member or partner through a sound healing sessions. Feel a sense of synchronisation and togetherness and enjoy an escape of business of life to come back to both your true self during this power sessions.

Private Sound Healing Sessions are 60 min and are offered to individual, couples and small groups.